Reiki Animal Healing

Jayne Catley - Reiki Healer

Reiki Animal Healing

Jayne Catley - Reiki Healer

Reiki Testimonials

A few kind words from a selection of my satisfied clients over the last few years. Please contact me if you would be happy to provide a testimonial.

Alfie was born a twin and lost his twin at 3 weeks old so has never grown as big as he should have done. He suffered a trauma on his right hind leg as a yearling which no one seems to be able to tell me about but it has resulted in a bad scar on his leg. Since Alfie has been born he has been in 3 different homes (me being the third one) after the girl who bred him sold him as he would never make the height she wanted and he lost his last owner to breast cancer last January. He was left in the field much to his own devices. Alfie hadn't really done much at all before he came to me.
Alfie can be very stressy and spooky and I wanted him to trust me and know he's not going anywhere and nothing will harm him in situations where I ride him. Alfie would not stand still for me grooming him and would constantly move away from me if I went to his right side (bad side) to groom him.
Alfie - horse photo Since you've come, it's as though Alfie accepts that he's with me and he's become very loving with me and for the past few nights has fallen asleep on my shoulder in his stable. Alfie now lets me groom him and will quite happily stand still in his stable and brush all over his right hand side. I have managed to hack him out alone and he's not been silly and spooky. The biggest thing for me at this moment is that I feel like he's accepted he's with me now and going nowhere, he's become a very loving horse towards me.
Alfie - horse photo
I haven't done much ridden work in the ménage yet with him as I'm just working him out hacking and ground work but I will be interested to see how that goes after our next session.
I hope he's happy with me and I think it appears as though he's let his sadness go. He seems very relaxed and chilled out since you visited us.

Byrony Fell - Owner of Alfie

The last time Jayne treated Teddy was when he tore a large hole in his collateral ligament. The prognosis was not good and he was put on box rest as he could hardly walk and in obvious pain. After four weekly treatments a further scan showed only the tiniest hole, now gone completely, healing better than anyone anticipated and he is now back in full work. After the first treatment was the most dramatic improvement as he trotted out of his stable like he had never had an injury. He always takes healing really well standing still in his stable for the entire treatment. Each time Jayne has treated Teddy he has responded brilliantly and I have nothing but praise for what she does.

Abbey Shaw - Owner of Teddy, Showjumper

Before treatment Calido was uncomfortable all over. I couldn't put my finger on it. With the help of Jayne he has regained his jump and I've really felt a difference in him, it's like he has more confidence in himself.

John Shaw - John Shaw Equestrian Riding Centre, Urmston

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