Reiki Treatment for Horses

Jayne Catley - Reiki Healer

Reiki Treatment for Horses

Jayne Catley - Reiki Healer

Reiki Success Stories


I was asked to treat Alfie as he got very stressed both in the stable and out on hacks. He also seemed to 'switch off' sometimes as if he was in a world of his own, which could be dangerous if he was out being ridden at the time. He did not enjoy being brushed or fussed with and was nervous when Byrony was on his injured leg side (an old barbed wire injury) and reluctant for her to touch that leg. He had lost his twin when very young and also lost his previous owner to cancer, so suffered two major losses in his life.

Alfie - horse photoI scanned Alfie for physical ailments first and found a lot of heat coming from his left hip (he obviously compensated by putting more weight on the non-injured side and this had become a habit). He took a lot of healing here and then I spent time over his back right leg over the old injury that he didn't like being touched. I was able to stroke down the injured leg within a few minutes.

Alfie - horse photo

I then asked Byrony to work with me to release his anxieties and bad memories. I asked her to place her hands on him and send him pictures of nice times together whilst I worked on him too. Almost straight away he heaved a big sigh and both me and Byrony's mum started to cry. He did this a couple more times along with a weird stretching movement that none of us had ever seen the like of before I started to feel cheered up, mirroring what Alfie was feeling. He then walked to the back of his loose box to tell me his treatment was over.

Byrony told me he slept soundly after I went even though the barn was empty apart from himself (this would normally have stressed him out). He then went in the field for a few hours and when Byrony brought him in he let her give him a big hug round his neck, something else that he would not normally have done. He has been very chilled and calm, both in the stable and hacking out since and also is fine being brushed, even over his scar. Hopefully he will just keep getting better.

Matrix - Gelding

Matrix - Gelding - horse photoMatrix had been suffering from lameness to a back leg for a few weeks and had been on box rest and bute. He was slowly brought back into light work and seemed to be fine but Mandy asked me if I would give him a reiki treatment just to see if he needed any help to fully recover.

Matrix - Gelding - horse photo

Matrix stood completely still for over an hour and a half, soaking up the healing energy and looking very relaxed. He received his treatment in his stable and was not held or tied. For the first time ever when treating a horse it was me who decided to end the session rather than wait for a signal or for him to move away as I think I would still be there now if I hadn’t. He was just loving the feeling of the healing energy so much that he hadn’t wanted it to end. A very relaxed Matrix was left in the stable.

He seems fully fit now, tracking up nicely and looking more fluid as he moves.

Bubbles - 18 Year Old Pony

Caitlin’s pony, Bubbles, suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter months. He is grouchy and miserable and bites anyone or anything that comes near him, Caitlin included. He now has a reiki treatment about once a fortnight to see him through winter.

“His ears prick up and he comes to look out over his stable door, once again interested in what is going on. Best of all, he doesn’t bite me!”

Calido - Showjumper

Calido - Showjumper - horse photoWhen Calido's owner asked me to treat him with reiki it was more out of interest than anything else and he was surprised when I said that he took more healing in a particular leg, as he had suffered with an abscess in that foot recently which was obviously still healing. After the first session John, Calidos owner, said he seemed more confident when jumpimg and was just generally in a lighter mood.

Calido - Showjumper - horse photo

On another occasion calido sustained an injury to one of his back legs that required him to be tied in a stall to prevent him lying down. He was obviously thoroughly miserable, maybe with a bad memory link of being in stalls, hanging his head low and not eating much. John thought a reiki session might cheer him up. As I gave him healing I communicated with him that he wasn’t being punished and that it was because John loved him and wanted him to get better that he was tied in the stall. The next day I went to give him more healing, which was completely unnecessary as he was happily munching hay and gave me a friendly nudge to say he was fine and not to bother.

Rudi - Gelding

Rudi, gelding - horse photoSue’s gelding, Rudi, took to reiki immediately when Sue thought he seemed unusually glum in his stable one day (horses get fed up just like us).

Rudi, gelding - horse photo

"He closed his eyes straight away and was so content afterwards, licking my hand and nestling his head in to me.”

Frankie - Trotter

Frankie, trotter - horse photoLuke’s horse, Frankie, constantly paced his stable until one half hour session of reiki, done over his stable door.

Frankie, trotter - horse photo

“It was like having a different horse.”

Chester - 20 Year Old Pony

Chester had a puncture wound from a kick he received in the field and had been under veterinary care for a few weeks on strong anti-biotics but was not responding to treatment. He could hardly walk and was obviously in a lot of pain.

He was due to be put down by the vet the next day when I moved onto the livery yard with my horses. Not wanting to make any promises I thought the healing might just help him come to terms with what was happening. I opened up to reiki over his stable door and he immediately struggled over to the door from the back of his stable. I held him in an embrace for about half an hour, his head resting on my shoulder. I sent healing that night when I got home.

The next day his owner came down to wait for the vet. On opening the stable door Chester took off round the yard at a brisk trot and it took his owner a while to catch up with him. The vet was equally stunned and put Chester on another week of anti-biotics to be on the safe side, but I think Chester had already shown that it wasn’t necessary and made a full recovery.

Leo - Male Dog

Leo - dog photoI had attempted giving Leo, our beloved husky/shepherd cross, reiki once just to relax him and he immediately leapt up, shook himself and walked off indignantly looking at me as if I was mad to try and heal him when he wasn’t ill, so I knew that he was not an animal who took reiki for the sheer pleasure of it as all my cats definitely do, but when Leo was very poorly he took reiki readily: One occasion was when he was attacked by another dog and infection got into the bone of one of his back legs. Even on strong anti-biotics he was very poorly and took reiki healing for an hour at a time, going from agitated to very calm each time and sleeping deeply afterwards. He made a full recovery.

Leo - dog photo

On another occasion he was unable to get up one morning and was in obvious distress. A trip to the vet and many blood tests and scans later revealed nothing and he was sent home on pain-killers and anti-inflammatories. Again he took healing readily for over an hour a time. Three days later he bounced back as if nothing had been the matter.

He was over 15 when he passed away having received regular healing for arthritis in his back legs. Reiki definitely improved his quality of life and energy levels and kept him mobile through his later years.

Vince - Male Dog

Leo - dog photoWe now have another rescue dog, Vince, a Siberian Husky, who suffers from digestive problems and comes to me for reiki when he is feeling off-colour. Half an hour later he is bouncing up to finish his tea.

Leo - dog photo

Jess - Male Cat, Aged 8

Jess, my daughters cat, arrived home one day with a severe limp, hardly able to walk. I sat on the floor and he came up onto my knee as I opened to reiki. Twenty minutes later he stretched and jumped up onto the sofa. He hasn’t limped since. He does however come for regular treatments but purely for enjoyment. I try not to feel used! He is now a sprightly 20 year old, still demanding regular reiki treatments.

Teddy - Showjumper

Teddy, Showjumper - Horse PhotoTeddy had sustained a leg injury, now healed, to one of his back legs but he was afraid to put any weight on it and stood in the stable resting his once injured leg and reluctant to walk at all.

Teddy, Showjumper - Horse Photo

After just one healing session Teddy put his weight back onto that leg as if there had never been a problem. I have treated Teddy for subsequent injuries and he always responds well to reiki healing.

Woody - Gelding, aged 3

Woody - Gelding - Horse Photo Woody had just arrived onto our livery yard showing signs of stress and agitation having slipped getting onto the horse box. He panicked whilst tethered in the yard and slipped again falling heavily onto the concrete yard. His owner untied him but by this time he was very stressed and was pulling away and careering round, with a gathering crowd that definitely didn’t help. Jill, Woody's owner, asked if I could help and I opened up to reiki, directing my hands towards him from a safe distance. He calmed down almost immediately and I continued to give healing for another five minutes, by which time his head was lowered, his eyes half closed and his lower lip hanging as he was so relaxed.

Woody - Gelding - Horse Photo

The next day I did a reiki bonding session with Woody and his new owner, Jill, with Jill placing her hands over Woody's heart chakra and thinking loving thoughts whilst I did the same telling him how much his new owner loved him. This left Woody again very relaxed and Jill very emotional and happy. It is a lovely introduction to each other and both horse and owner react more positively to each other afterwards with a deeper trust and co-operation.

Busy Lady - Thoroughbred/Irish Draught Mare

At shows Busy Lady was always very nervous and generally played up so her owner, Leigh, gave up and just did the show organised by the livery yard she was on which took place each year.

This year, as I was on the yard, Leigh asked if I would use reiki to calm Busy Lady so she at least had a chance of getting into the ring to compete. I gave her healing which she readily took and calmed immediately whilst waiting her turn to compete but I could not stay with her as my daughter was competing so went to help her. Leigh started her dressage event without me and Busy Lady was playing up and not listening to what Leigh was asking of her. She was about two thirds of the way into the routine before I had chance to run down to where she was competing. I opened up to reiki and sent it over the field to Busy Lady. Leigh knew the exact point in the routine that I had done this as she calmed down immediately to finish the routine really well.

King - 10 year old German shepherd

Typical of his breed his hips were weak, and he found it increasingly more difficult to get up and propel himself forward. He wasn’t sure about the reiki at first but quickly settled into a full hour treatment. I started on his right side but as I moved my hands over I felt a surge of energy out of my hands and he took far more on his left side. He moved away after an hour and went to lie down looking very relaxed.

Owners comments: “he seemed to act like a puppy afterwards and the next day was sprightly and lively.”

Marcel - 1 year old French bulldog

Marcel, French Bulldog- PhotoHis owner Ben had him to the vet on many occasions, spending over £4000 on vet fees for scans and medication but nothing seemed to help. When he pooed, he bled and was also very flatulent, he seemed to be in pain. He took reiki for over an hour, was very receptive and very relaxed. I treated Marcel a second time and he was so much more energetic and playful it was lovely to see. After the second session Ben told me there had been no blood in his poo and he no longer looked uncomfortable.

Marcel, French Bulldog- Photo

Owners comments: “I can’t thank you enough for coming to see Marcel, he has improved tenfold since you came.”

Pip - Jack Russell terrier

Pip - dog photoPip is a rescue dog from an abusive home and was making good progress, but his aggression had returned. He had rashes, colitis and runny eyes and was undergoing allergy tests, whilst being injected monthly with allergens. Debbie his owner wanted to see if reiki would relax him and help his symptoms. It took Pip nearly an hour to trust me enough to come on my knee. He got off a couple of times, but the third time stayed and took the reiki. He let out a lot of built up emotion, which resulted in me crying, he was very relaxed after the half hour treatment.

Pip - dog photo

Owners comments: “after you had gone he came up on the sofa with me, which he never does, and curled up next to me and went to sleep for two hours. He stayed there on his own asleep until bed time and wasn’t angry when he got off which he usually is. His red inflamed tummy has gone down and is not as hot.”

Two days after first treatment: "the skin rash that he has had for two years has gone completely and the skin feels cool”

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