Healing Horses with Reiki

Jayne Catley - Reiki Healer

Healing Horses with Reiki

Jayne Catley - Reiki Healer

Reiki Myths

  1. There is only one reiki system.
    This was only true at the time that Mikao Usui was teaching and healing. Many reiki healers are attuned to the Usui system, as I am, but now there are many variations, many claiming they are more powerful, superior and effective than the rest. Of course this is not true and all systems produce healing. If you wish to be attuned go with whichever method appeals to you. The results are all the same.

  2. Only natural born healers can learn reiki.
    We are all natural healers whether we know it or not and anyone can learn reiki. What reiki does is help focus, using the symbols, so that you can channel healing energy. The symbols do not have to be used. Some people believe the symbols strengthen their healing and some believe that they just provide focus and once they have learnt to focus the healing energy they no longer use the symbols. There is no right or wrong. It is all about intent. The intent to heal.

  3. A reiki treatment must be an hour in duration.
    You can offer an hour treatment if you wish, as this can be profoundly relaxing but half an hour would be equally beneficial. This is why I like treating animals – they just move away when they have taken all the healing energy they can use, which can sometimes be only 15-20 minutes.

  4. When healing, a reiki healer should not wear watches, jewellery, etc.
    Reiki energy cannot be altered or hindered and there is nothing reiki cannot penetrate, which is why you can treat people over clothes, horses can be treated through their rugs,etc. Rattling jewellery should be removed just because it would be annoying, but not for any other reason.

  5. A reiki treatment can make you sick.
    Reiki can never cause harm. Sometimes, as we know, an illness can get worse before it gets better. This is called a healing crisis and is very rare after reiki and not something I have ever seen in animals, as their diet and lifestyle are generally a lot better than ours. If a healing crisis occurs it can last 1-2 days and symptoms can be sweating, aching in muscles or headaches, as the body rids itself of toxins. Rest and plenty of water will help the process.

  6. There must be 21 days between treatments.
    I would wait 2-3 days generally to see how an animal or person has responded to the treatment. After that it is up to the client/owner. I have recommended weekly sessions for horses with extensive injuries, which has worked well in the past. Some animals only seem to need one treatment. People can judge for themselves how they feel and when they need another treatment. When I have treated my own horse I have treated her daily until she decides I am no longer needed when she will walk away from me in the stable.

  7. You have to believe in reiki for it to work.
    Animals instinctively know that it works, which is why I love treating them. I have treated the most sceptical of people over the years and without exception they have all felt changes take place, whether powerful or subtle. Reiki is not instant when healing the physical body but changes do take place during the treatment, on an emotional level especially, leaving the client very relaxed.

  8. You cannot use reiki for certain illnesses/conditions.
    Reiki can be used on all people and animals. Our bodies utilise the healing energy in many ways but it can never cause harm.

  9. Hands must touch the client/animal for healing to take place.
    Reiki works with your hands on or off the body, whichever one we choose is dependant on pain, nervousness, area treated,etc. if you can send reiki healing across miles of space you can definitely treat from a short distance away. The healing is not made stronger the closer you are, but if you are working closely you can pick up where the healing is needed more, so there is an advantage where this is concerned.

  10. There is only one way to give a reiki treatment.
    There are so many methods being taught now that this could never be true. Many healers stick to placing hands on or over specific areas for every treatment or just work over the major chakras (energy centres). No method is more right. I practice what is called intuitive healing when I treat animals and I work over an area more where I feel the energy is drawn to, as I will feel hot spots or tingling where I need to focus. I will stay at that point until it starts to feel different. It does not matter if you use one hand or both, spread your fingers or cup your hands. It is all down to your preference and intent. If the healer is working with focussed intent then healing will be taking place.

  11. You cannot use other treatments when having reiki.
    Reiki will not interfere with any medication or other treatments being given. If I am asked to treat a horse who is under veterinary care I will ask that they are informed before I treat the horse. Sometimes they have requested to be present when I am treating, out of interest to observe the horses’ reaction to treatment.


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